Sample Attendee List


We recognise that for all our delegates, our events are about more than just the content. It’s also a hugely valuable opportunity to make new contacts and cement old business relationships.

That’s why at ADID and MERTC: Ask the Experts, we’ll be bringing our full range of innovative networking formats as well as our 1-2-1 Partnering Service.

Need to know who you could meet?

Have a look below at a list of some of our past attendees:

Lead Procurement Engineer ADGAS
Sr. Specialist ADNOC
Manager ADNOC
Sr. Specialist ADNOC
Manager, Refining & Petrochemicals Projects Department ADNOC
Manager, Strategic Projects Unit ADNOC
Manager, Petrochemicals Operations Department ADNOC
Manager, Refining & Petrochemicals ADNOC
Sr. Specialist ADNOC
Senior Specialist, Technical & Projects Support ADNOC
Sr. Specialist ADNOC
Sr. Specialist ADNOC
Head, Marketing, Sales & Trading Communications ADNOC
Section Head, Process Modeling & Simulation ADNOC Refining
Cost Control Engineer ADNOC Refining
Process Engineer ADNOC Refining
Manager System ADNOC Refining
Manager, HSES PCS ADNOC Refining
Section Head, Fire, HSEFD-P&T ADNOC Refining
Process Engineer ADNOC Refining
Manager, Corporate Excellence ADNOC Refining
VP Technical Ruwais Refinery West ADNOC Refining
Manager, Technical Safety & Fire ADNOC Refining
Section Head GP&T ADNOC Refining
Manager, PACDE ADNOC Refining
Sr. Process Engineer ADNOC Refining
Engineering, R&D Manager ADNOC Refining
Sr. Planning Engineer ADNOC Refining
Manager, Organisation Development ADNOC Refining
Sr. Laboratory Chemist ADNOC Refining
Acting-Project Manager ADNOC Refining
Sr. Excellence Engineer ADNOC Refining
Vice President Information Technology Division ADNOC Refining
Project Control Engineer ADNOC Refining
Contracts Department Manager ADNOC Refining
Senior Environmental Engineer ADNOC Refining
Sr. Excellence Engineer ADNOC Refining
Vice President Takreer Research Centre ADNOC Refining
Process Engineering Department Manager ADNOC Refining
Section Head Process Engineering ADNOC Refining
PEE-2, SectionHead ADNOC Refining
Senior Process Engineer ADNOC Refining
Head of Advisors ADNOC Refining
Process Engineer ADNOC Refining
Sr. Process Engineer ADNOC Refining
Sr. Energy Engineer ADNOC Refining
Sr. Scheduling Engineer, E&SD (RRE) ADNOC Refining
Process Engineer ADNOC Refining
Vice President ADNOC Refining
Manager Experimental R&D ADNOC Refining
Sr. Performance Engineer ADNOC Refining
Catalysis Section Head ADNOC Refining
PEE-1, SectionHead ADNOC Refining
Section Head, Planning & Supply Chain ADNOC Refining
Editor ADNOC Refining
Senior manager engineering R&D and support services ADNOC Refining
Process Simulation Engineer ADNOC Refining
Operation Specialist BAPCO
Superintendent Risk and Reliability Managment BAPCO
Operations Specialist (LSDP-Complex) BAPCO
Operations Specialist (LSDP-Complex) BAPCO
Operation Specialist BAPCO
Mechanical Engineer Borouge
Vice President, Site Integrations Borouge
Vice Presedent – Corporate Enterprise Applications Borouge
Automation Superintendent Borouge
Sr. Mechanical Engineer Borouge
DM – PO Technical Development Borouge
Superintendent Execution PE Borouge
Superintendent Mechanical Execution Borouge
DM – OCU Borouge
Sr. Sales Manager Borouge
Internship Borouge
Production Engineer Borouge
Vice President Borouge
VP -Technical Services Borouge
TL Borouge
TL – CS – FF Packaging Borouge
Shift Superintendent Borouge
Sales Manager Borouge
Superintendent Execution PE1,2 Borouge
Department Manager – Olefins Technical Development Borouge
Production Engineer Borouge
SVP Global Supply Chain Borouge
Sr. Sales Manager Borouge
Vice President Borouge
Shift controller Borouge
Maint. Superintendent Borouge
Engineer Borouge
Automation Engineer Borouge
Team Leader Customer Service Borouge
Communication Specialist Borouge
Instrument Engineer Borouge
Sales Representative Borouge
Quality Specialist Borouge
Quality Specialist, Supply Chain Management Borouge
Sr Advisor to the CEO Borouge
Manager, Supply Chain Contracts Borouge
Assistant – Chemist Borouge
Quality Specialist Borouge
Application Development Engineer Borouge
Sr. Sales Rep, EMEA Borouge
Communication Specialist Borouge
Shift Superintendent Borouge
Business Development Manager -Olefins Borouge
Manager – Business Development PP Borouge
VP Innovation Borouge
Chemist Borouge
Lead Engineer Borouge
DCS Engineer Borouge
VP Global Communications Borouge
Regional Strategy Manager Borouge
COO Borouge
Material Flow Manager Borouge
Lead Engineer-Prod Borouge
Quality Specialist Borouge
Office Administrator Borouge
VP MEA, Regional Supply Chain Management Borouge
Corporate Editor Borouge
Legal Counsel Borouge
LDPE Business Development Manager Borouge
DM – Quality Systems Management Borouge
Abu Dhabi Polymers CO – Borouge CFO Borouge
Senior Mechanical Engineer Borouge
PolyOlefin Asset Development Dept. Team Leader Borouge
DM – Logistics Network Excellence Borouge
CEO Dhahran Techno Valley
Senior Process Engineer Duqm Refinery
Lead Project Engineer – Systems Duqm Refinery
Lead Process Engineer Duqm Refinery
Executive Director ENOC
Senior Health & Safety Compliance Officer, Health & Safety Compliance Officer ENOC
Corrosion and metallurgy GASCO
Technical Librarian GASCO
Head of IT Business Relation Section GASCO
Senior Quality Engineer GASCO
Risk Based Inspection Engineer GASCO
Risk Based Inspection Engineer GASCO
Sr. Corrosion & Metallurgy Engineer GASCO
Corrosion & Matullurgy Engineer GASCO
Sr. Aim Engineer GASCO
Senior Quality Engineer GASCO
Technical Service Department Head GASCO
Senior Inspection Engineer GASCO
Standards & Technology Division Vice President GASCO
QA Section Head GASCO
Senior Planning Engineer GASCO
Sr. Inspection Engineer GASCO
 Corrosion and Metallurgy Engineer GASCO
Senior Environmental Engineer GASCO
Team Leader Operational Planning KNPC
Planning Engineer KNPC
Senior Engineer, Environment Field KNPC
Industrial Hygienist Engineer KNPC
Head of Sales and Supply MEA OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH
Head of Comm. & Market Dev. OMV Downstream Middle East& Asia OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH
Head of Business Development Downstream Middle East& Asia OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH
Analyst Marketing Intelligence ORPIC
Lifting Scheduler ORPIC
Shift Manager – Operations Pakistan Refinery limited
Manager Oil Movement – SMBR Focal Point Pakistan Refinery Limited
Corrosion Engineer PDO
Operations Support Engineer PDO
IR VP PetroRabigh
Sustainability Advisor PetroRabigh
Vice President SABIC
General Manager Local Content Unit Innovation & Business Development SABIC
General Manager SABIC
Static Asset Engineering Manager SABIC
Optimization specialist Sahara Chemical Company
GM, IS&RC Sahara Chemical Company
VP Manafacturing Satorp SATORP
Unplaced Div Level Saudi Aramco
Economic Analyst Saudi Aramco
Sr Project Engineer Saudi Aramco
Technology Developer Saudi Aramco
Mechanical Engineer Saudi Aramco
Global Supply Chain Saudi Aramco
Lab Technician Saudi Aramco Research and Development Center