Mohamed Al Musharfy

Chief, Process Modeling & Simulation
Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (Takreer)

Mr. Mohamed Al Musharfy is holding BCs in chemical engineering obtained from UAE University, he started his carrier in Takreer back in 2003 when he joined as planning and coordination analyst looking after short, mid and long term plans for Takreer refineries.

After that, Mr. Al Musharfy joined the business studies department in which he was initiating and managing business studies which are later converted to projects, some of the studies that Mr. Al Musharfy was managing/involved in are Base Oil Unit, Ruwais Refinery Expansion, Inter Refinery Pipelines, Establishing of Takreer Research Centre,  Revamp of sea water intakes and many others.

Currently Mr. Al Musharfy is holding the Chief of Process Modelling and Simulation position in Takreer Research Centre, he was amongst the first employee who moved to Takreer Research Centre when it was established, being the chief of the section, he is responsible for all process engineering/ modelling and simulation studies and activities in the centre, he is playing a major rule in linking the activities conducted in the research centre and the operations of the refineries.

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