ECORP was established in January 2001 and is a privately owned Malaysian company based in Rawang, Selangor. Our factory is strategically located to allow ease for imports and exports of materials through the international port of Malaysia, Port Klang, Selangor.

ECORP has more than 50 years of Refractory experience from our management, which allows us to produce the finest range of Monolithic Refractory Products. Being an experienced monolithic refractory manufacturer, ECORP can customize our products based on customer’s requirements. Each application of monolithic refractory may differ from one furnace to another. ECORP also adopted the ASTM Standard as our testing standard.

We offer a complete range of services such as installation, supply, designing and engineering. Our products caters for Oil and Gas, Steel, Aluminium, Cement, Industrial Boiler, Incinerator, Foundry, Palm Oil Industries and many more.

Over the years, ECORP partnered with several international renowned companies in providing our products to export markets. ECO Refractory is also ISO 9001: 2008 certified

We are one of the largest manufacturers in Malaysia with an annual production of 20,000 MT. Only the highest purity and consistent quality materials are used in the production of ECORP Products. With our team and constant R&D, we are able to deliver the best quality products to our customers locally and abroad.

Atlas Copco is a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions. The Group serves customers with innovative air compressor technology, vacuum solutions and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems. Atlas Copco develops products and services focused on productivity, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics.

3-Sci Ltd is a visionary British company run by a unique team of technical specialists who have unparalleled experience in research, product and business development in the engineering, physical and materials sciences.

The company’s philosophy is based on openness, honesty and mutual respect for the team members, its customers, its suppliers and any of its business associates or collaborators. Additionally, we wish to be always at the forefront in addressing new technical challenges, innovating products and solutions that create step changes in capability for our customers and significant value for our stakeholders.

ZymeFlow Decon Technology

ZymeFlow® Decon Technology is the global leader for process unit decontamination. Top refineries and petrochemical facilities trust in ZymeFlow Decon for the planning, chemistry, and service experience to perform the safest and fastest entry into process equipment during a turnaround or emergency outage. The patented ZymeFlow process simultaneously eliminates benzene, LEL’s, pyrophoric iron sulfides, and hydrogen sulfide dramatically reducing the time spent to prepare vessels for entry and hot work. Furthermore, the process is safe for people, equipment, and wastewater plants.

ZymeFlow Decon boasts a dynamic range of chemistries with detailed planning and technical support. With 25 years of experience in refining and petrochemical applications, the ZymeFlow brand of decontamination chemistries and services has become the global leader for fast and safe vessel entry.

Schmidt + Clemens Group (S+C) is the worldwide leader producer of high alloy castings for the Petrochemical, Refining, Fertilizer and Direct Reduction of Iron Ore Industries.

With more than 130 years of history and 5 production mills located in Europe and Asia, S+C owns  the largest centrifugal casting capacity in the world and supplies high -performance materials with the highest quality standards.

S+C Added Values are focused on R&D and added services such as installation, operation and maintenance support.

For more information, check S+C website:

Pall Corporation is a global leader in high-tech filtration, separation, and purification, serving the diverse needs of customers across the broad spectrum of life sciences and industry.
Pall Life Sciences provides cutting-edge products and services to meet the demanding needs of customers discovering, developing and producing biotech drugs, vaccines, cell therapies and classic pharmaceuticals. Pall offers advanced medical technologies, which are often a patient’s last line of defense from dangerous pathogens. Pall’s food and beverage products provide critical protection from contaminants during various manufacturing steps.
Pall Industrial serves a diverse range of customers in the microelectronics, aerospace, fuels, petrochemical, chemical, automotive, and power generation industries. Pall is a key supplier to the innovative and demanding semiconductor and consumer electronics industries, and provides filtration products used in critical applications on commercial and military aerospace vehicles. Pall products are key to the reliability of industrial equipment. Pall’s engineered solutions help municipal and industrial customers address mounting water quality, scarcity and demand issues, and help energy companies maximize production and develop commercially successful next generation fuels.
Headquartered in Port Washington, New York, Pall has offices and plants throughout the world.

Jiahe Chemical Co., Ltd. Shandong methylation is a self-developed, fine chemical production of oil, manganese-based gasoline antiknock additive in high-tech enterprises. Founded in September 2004, is located in the hinterland of Shengli Oilfield in Shandong, China University of Petroleum (East China) is adjacent to the company to the China Petroleum University, Shenyang Institute of Chemical Technology of the scientific and technological strength based on a total investment of 30 million yuan, covers an area of 20000 square meters, and built a first set of internal methylation, carbonylation MMT set of production facilities to fill China’s manganese-based gasoline antiknock agent in the field of a blank,Successful entry into the EU market in 2009.
Jiahe Chemical Co., Ltd. Shandong methyl developed a new type of lead-free gasoline antiknock additive – methyl cyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl-based (MMT), methyl cyclopentadiene series of products, effective to increase gasoline octane number, low-cost transfer of oil and reduce pollution emissions, the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. Products in 2006 through the Office of Science and Technology of Shandong Province of the outcome of the signing of the Organization, three methyl cyclopentadienyl manganese carbonyl (MMT) to meet the domestic leader in the international advanced level; in 2008 to obtain Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Quality Supervision, environmental protection Administration issued by the state’s key new product certificate.

Methyl cyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl-based national standards for vehicle petrol GB17930-2006 the use of designated products; so far in 2006, Shandong Golden Harvest is a refinery of China National Petroleum Corporation, “3” – methyl cyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl a network provider, breaking the monopoly of foreign products for the China National Petroleum, China’s large and medium-sized oil-refining and chemical enterprises with a reliable quality service, while lowering the efficiency for the user to make a positive contribution.

Contract Resources is a world leading service provider in the business of Catalyst Handling and Reactor Services. Though out the 25 year history of Contract Resources the company has achieved an enviable record through the execution of an extensive range of Reactor Change-outs and Mechanical Revamp, adhering to stringent HSE and Quality Standards.